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fæt lab

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What We Do

Engineering of small scale, high profile elements such as art, feature stairs, guardrails, lanscape elements and any other unique structures you can dream up.

We love what we do, and hope to make your design a reality.

Contact Us

Shannon Hilchie, P.Eng shilchie@faetlab.com


Shannon Hilchie, P.Eng

Owner and Principal, Shannon studied Structural Engineering at Dalhousie University, before becoming an associate at Blackwell Engineering. After many wonderful years at Blackwell, she decided to try something new, and worked with cast steel at Cast Connex before starting her own firm, faet lab. This allows her to focus on feature elements and component design. Shannon also teaches the Structures curriculum in the Masters and Undergraduate programs at Daniels School of Architecture and Landscape design, University of Toronto

She is also currently completing her Masters of Tensile Membrane Structures at the Anhault University of Applied Science, at the site of Bauhaus in Germany. There is also Beer.



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   Origin Story

They name needed to represent what we do, and show how cool we are (obviously). While Snowshoeing to the cottage, my wonderful, sweet (and fat) mal-lab cross laid down in my path. I had to step over a Fat Lab. Since all the other spellings were taken by the music industry, we went with faet lab. Technically, it’s fæt lab, but it's hard to register that. But it worked out well.

We can design for any stage/phase/component of the industry.

Fabrication, Art, Engineering, Technology

Nailed it!